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I live a conflict-free life in Suffolk, UK with my partner and Black Labrador.  Just kidding.  Not about the partner and Black Labrador, but we all know there is no such thing as a conflict free life.  I do know that I am much better at helping people get along than I am at duking it out. It's difficult to sum up a human in one paragraph.  You see my professional credentials, but real learning always comes from real life.  My real life has included working full-time in a restaurant while going to school, student loans, fallouts with friends, family emergencies, and workplace drama along with all of the amazing things like great people, amazing food, walking holidays, holidays abroad, moments of connection, new socks and freshly popped popcorn.  I know you bring all of this real life with you too and it would be my privilege to act as a neutral helping you through conflict or to teach you some skills to help make your real life just a little bit easier.

AS A...


Same Page Mediation is dedicated to helping resolve conflict.  Facilitating collaboration is at the heart of our mission.  Working with people is the way in which this gets accomplished.  At the heart of conflict is always people, real individual people that have their own needs and objectives.  This is true of the CEO that is negotiating on behalf of the huge company, the individual that is trying to get their job done in a difficult situation or the small business owner that is doing the best they can.  This business is one person relating to other people with the hope of helping.


I've been a trained mediator for over 10 years handling various styles of civil, commercial and domestic relations cases. Upon moving to the UK I have re-trained to mediate civil/ commercial and workplace conflict.   I'm also an U.S. qualified, non-practicing attorney.  As an attorney, I've clerked for Superior Court judges, created community programs, and run a non-profit representing victims of domestic violence.


I love teaching.  Teaching someone is empowering them in their own life.  My history of training people started at university teaching adult literacy and since then has included various program administration trainings (volunteers, probation officers, accountability court teams), QPR (suicide prevention), and conflict resolution skills to individuals and organizations.  



My passion for conflict resolution emerged while working for the courts.  Day in and day out people fighting over something, anything and resolutions being forced, limited or both.  So often people leave a court case, after having spent years getting there, unsatisfied and no better off than they were to begin with, sometimes worse.  Mediation provides a method to empower people to take their outcomes into their own hands.  And why should the conflict resolution skills only be utilized by the mediators and lawyers?  They shouldn't.  Everyone should have the skills to create their own outcomes in life.  Sometimes you can and should ask for help, but the decisions should always be yours.

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