Complaints Policy




      Unfortunately, we cannot always be on the same page. Now that you are here, please know your dissatisfaction with any services provided by Alicia M. Page and Same Page Mediation is taken very seriously. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to address your complaint and attempt to get us back to our place of collaboration.



What is a complaint?


Any dissatisfaction you have with mediation or training services is a complaint or otherwise may be known as a grievance.


Due to the nature of mediation, there are issues that may be out of my control. For example, the behavior of another party during services, an agreed upon outcome by the parties, or behavior of parties after the fact.


I will always do my best to keep you informed about my role and manage expectations such as what is under my control in a fair and transparent manner.


Example reasons you may feel a complaint is warranted:

          You do not feel you received the services as agreed.

          There has been an occurrence that makes you feel uncomfortable or lose trust in services.

    You feel that the mediator or trainer has acted in an unethical way which contradicts the EU Model Code of Conduct for Mediators.



When to complain?


          As soon as possible. The sooner I know, the sooner I can act.

          If we are together, in person or online, please let me know in whatever way feels comfortable to you and we can work together to find a solution.

          If after services are given, please contact me within 14 days of your dissatisfaction.




Why should you let me know?


          I want to take action to ensure you are completely satisfied with my services.

          If I can help, I want to be given the opportunity.

          I would rather help sooner than later.

          I want to learn from my mistakes, so I don’t keep repeating them.

          My passion as well as my business is collaboration.



Where do you let me know?


          Contact Person:  Alicia Page

          Phone: +44 7388148626


          Address:  6 Middleton Road, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2DB



How do you complain?


          Feel free to call me, send an email or even snail mail.

          Tell me plainly about your dissatisfaction with services. Please include:

The issue at hand and the date it occurred,

Any suggestions you may have to help you feel satisfied, and

Your complete contact details and communication preference.

          You should have been given a feedback form at the end of services. Please be as honest as possible. This is how I learn and get better at what I do.



What you can expect from me:


If I have not resolved the issue to your satisfaction at the time of occurrence, then these procedures will apply.


    Written acknowledgement of complaint in within five (5) working days of receipt.

    Investigation and response within twenty-one (21) working days of receipt. If for any reason this is not possible, this will be communicated      clearly.

    An opportunity to appeal the initial complaint resolution in writing within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the resolution with the same application of time periods as above.

    In the unlikely event that we cannot come to an agreement or you still feel the handling of your complaint is problematic, you may escalate your complaint to the Civil Mediation Council whose appeals processes can be found at:

    Potential remedies for a complaint may be: changes in Same Page Mediation policies and procedures, added training options, partial or full refund of payment, any creative remedy that works for both of us in the spirit of collaboration.

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