Conflict Resolution Skills Training provides you with the resources you need to help resolve conflict on your own.
Finding your way through conflict is a necessary part of life.  There are no tips, tricks or shortcuts.  These same skills taught to mediators can help you prevent conflict and open up the lines of communication.


If you are thinking about getting your group together to learn more about conflict resolution skills, then you are already helping to forge a new path forward.  In-person training allows us to learn new skills and practice them together.  We can take a generalized approach for the team or with a little planning try to focus our attention on some potential problem areas.  Training can provide the opportunity to discuss and collaborate surrounding your organizations specific needs. We can go through the basics in a couple of hours or take a more in depth approach over the course of several half sessions allowing for processing time in-between.


Online group training works well for teams that are spread out all over the world or just for the comfort of participants. What we may lose in water cooler chit chat we can make up for in anonymity and intimacy.  Private messages can be useful to bring up topics or ask questions that someone may be hesitant to address in an in-person group setting. Break out rooms can be useful learning tools and provide more intense interaction within the smaller groups.  The course can be a general overview training to get everyone to the same conflict resolution starting point, or more in-depth working on creating better communication and working strategies.  

Self-paced online (coming soon)

The Arch Ally program is a self-paced, online conflict resolution course that is currently under construction.  The aim is to share openly and widely all of the skills in a mediators toolkit while addressing the pitfalls and challenges of handling your own conflict without neutrality.  The course is designed to include short instructional videos breaking the skills into small digestible chunks with supporting exercises to get you thinking about your individual conflict resolution style and growth journey.  There will not be a group or hourly requirement.  Your lessons, your time, your pace, your growth.  

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